Why this trading course?

Use this platform to get started, (not for any U.S. Residents)

Watch this video to get started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtLPml5mfxk

Why consider trading with Vantage? You have the flexibility to trade across various asset classes, and you can begin with a minimal investment of just $350. Moreover, upon depositing, you'll receive a 50% bonus, provided the deposit exceeds +$500. To maximize this bonus, consider depositing between $700 and $1000, as amounts beyond $1000 won't yield additional benefits. Opting for a $1000 deposit, for instance, ensures a $500 bonus, making it the most advantageous choice.

Deposits below $500 won't qualify for any bonus.

For subsequent deposits, a 10% bonus is applied. For instance, if you deposit $25,000, you'll receive a bonus of $2,500. It's important to note that the maximum bonus cap is $20,000. So if you deposits $500,000 you will not get more than $20,000..

It's essential to clarify that the bonus is tied to trading volume rather than being available as free cash. However, you have the flexibility to utilize it for both trading and investment purposes. Please be aware that withdrawing funds will result in the removal of the bonus.

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Spanish: https://go.vantagefx.com/visit/?bta=54231&nci=5645

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